Dasmesh School Bazpur


The fact that Covid pandemic caused a sizable learning gap in the students is undeniable. Those 1.5 years were unquestionably trying times not only for the teachers but the parents and students alike . When the students returned to school , there was a visible deterioration in their reading ,writing and numeracy skills. However , our determination & sincere efforts to address the learning gap and dismal learning outcomes , bore fruitful results and made it possible for us to see light at the end of the tunnel. In the session 2023-24 , our endeavour will be to implement National Education Policy 2020 in letter and spirit. We have already started taking baby steps towards attaining the key components of NEP like Foundation of Literacy and Numeracy Skills by the end of class III , experiential learning and art integrated learning . However , it is a challenging task as the mindset of all stakeholders needs to change to bring about this reform . Dear parents ,together - ' you and we ' have to make our children move beyond rote learning and encourage them to become self learners . Your participation and support, dear parents, is imperative for the successful implementation of NEP 2020. I would like to take this space to thank members of the management and our Principal for being our torch bearers and giving a platform to the facilitators to grow as professionals. Thank you ma'am ,Mrs Nilofer Kalra ,for being a true mentor. I would also like to appreciate my team who leaves no stone unturned to empower and cultivate the young minds. Thank you, dear parents, for believing in us. Dear students , I am hopeful that you will use your time and education in the right way to make the world a better place !

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