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Sri Dasmesh has a well balanced curriculum in order that its students grow as individuals towards a gracious and harmonious life. It provides for a progression of strong academic subjects that allow successful graduates to proceed to the advanced colleges, universities and trades institutions based upon their capabilities.

We teach full primary school, middle school and senior school subjects (K to 12) in a two semester system: April to September (with mid term examinations), October to March (with annual examinations). For the Senior School we extend the academic session for a month in order to enhance their performance for the Board Examinations. The school is fully certified through the Government of India, Department of Education and follows the CBSE curriculum.
Academic System : 

The school aims to create an atmosphere to develop the personality of each student by providing an environment for wholesome upbringing, seeking to produce well adjusted, dynamic students with good qualities of the head and heart.

Examination & Promotion : 

•Summative Assessment-1 and Summative Assessment-2 will be held in the month September and march respectively every year. It is must for all students to appear in both major examinations. Promotion to the higher will depend upon minimum passing grade criteria laid down by the school. If all school fails to attempt any of the these assessments in whole or part due to any reason he / she may not be considered for promotion to the next higher class. 

•10% marks reserved for class test in the each term. These marks will be added to the final total of marks. For promotion to next class child must secure at least 40% marks in aggregate and 35% in each major subject. 

•Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance of the pupil, hence the importance of regularity in attendance and work is must. 

•Pupil absent from any assessment for any reason will not be re-examined. Absence from one or more subjects involves loss of marks and excludes the pupil from securing a rank. Minimum 75% attendance is required to be eligible for appearing in the Final examinations as per the CBSE guidelines.

•Willful breach of any of the regulation pertaining to the conduct of examination in punishable with expulsion from the examination or if subsequently discovered with cancellation of the papers. 

• A pupil who fares poorly throughout the year will be asked to leave the school. No students will be allowed to study for the third year in the same class. 

• The result declared at the end of the school year is final and is not reconsidered. 

• Pre-ponement or postponement of written exam is not entertained for any particular child.


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